Old Tunes

Sometimes those old rock and roll tunes speak to me ..... We gotta get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get out of this place 'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you There is definitely a better life than this! I'd rather be alone … Continue reading Old Tunes


Strung Along

Now I'm told I won't be able to sign the papers until Tuesday. I said enough is enough. I will wait until Tuesday, but if its not ready by then your **** out of luck.. I shouldn't even give him until then... this is ridiculous


Today is what I call a Blah! day. That means I remember something good that happened, but then something bad took it away from me this day at some point in the past. Normally, I throw bad stuff off me, but this sequence of events I don't know if I will ever be able to … Continue reading Blah